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We provide Custom Classic Arcade Machine Cabinets with a modern look and cutting edge technology for the best gaming experience.
This is not a simple Retro Arcade Machine is actually a Time Machine that will take you back to the past and give you the nostalgic feeling from when you were a kid!!!

Best In Class Deliveries

Always trying to offer the fastest delivered to your door. Sometimes we “teleport” the arcade to you.

The Retro Arcade Machine

Best time machine that money can buy, Marty McFly would envy you…


We’re offering the best live chat and phone support. Don’t worry weve got you covered!

Barrel Classic Arcade Machine Donkey Kong

Life is full of stories. You can hear one, tell one… But what if you could actually live one? Check in for an amazing travel in the past, with one of our Arcade Machines, delivered to your door in the blink of an eye. You just plug it in and start the journey backwards, to your childhood years. Choose the Classic one: Barrel Classic Donkey Kong. Wine included, ‘cause your of age now! Don’t forget to call your friend for the best retro party they ever had!

Street Fighter Bartop Classic Arcade Machine

Hey, you! You’ve got a nostalgic look! Are you missing something? If it’s your teenager, call back the 80’s and start scoring with one of our Bartop Classic Arcade Machine. Get it, plug it and run the rig for the best retro gaming experience ever! It’s the best time a machine money can buy! Street Fighter Bartop Classic will get you shirty on the virtual streets! Don’t think hard on the technical stuff. We’ve got you covered by full support on phone and live chat.

Retro Upright Classic Arcade Machine

Hey, relax! Oldies rule forever! Bring back the goodies right in your living room with a genuine time machine, by Classic Arcade Machine. Bring back the best years of gaming with an amazing time machine. 5000+ games would do for your friends and family and if you add Juke Box and YouTube, the room comes to life. And so are you! Get it, plug in and dive in!

The Funkycade Wall Classic Arcade Machine

Wanna hang around…. a crazy arcade machine on your wall? And get funky now and then, back in your teenage era? Say no more: the good old days are here, more than 5000 retro games for you to share with your friends and family, with cutting edge technology, wrapped up in a funky box that you can simply hang on your wall. Funkycade sets fire to the party, back in the 80s.

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Custom Arcade??? Say NO More, Is Our Speciality


For commercial use of the arcade we can mount a coin operated system compatible with almost all coins.

Printing & Design

We make custom artwork design on each arcade depending on the clients needs. We can make almost anything!

OS & Games

We use a different operating system like the Multigame jamma board, Retropie, Hyperspin and much more.

Service & Maintanance

Our arcades are meant to last until the end of time making them very reliable and very easy to fix.

Shipping & Delivery Options

We ship our products world wide with different companies like DHL, TNT, DPD, FeedEX and private carriers.

Customization & Projects

We are building and designing custom retro Arcade Machine Cabinets for our clients in order to fit their requirement.

Who Are We

Classic Arcade Machine UK

Philosophy We Strive For

Our company has emerged from the love of Classic Arcade Machines and the good old days when we spend our lunch money in the Arcade room trying to set a new high score or just play for fun with our friends.
We have started building arcades since 2013 and we never stopped doing it, always trying to improve our retro arcade machines and come with newer models, we do classic arcade machine, mini arcade machine, vintage arcade machines, sometimes we do custom projects for our clients trying to give them the best gaming experience and the best arcade machine cabinet for sale.

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Communication 100%
Professionalism 100%
Quality 100%
Best Products 100%

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