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Retro arcade machines

Hi Adrian! Yes all unwrapped and has a chance to play. It′s really great i′m very happy with it. Best Regards.

Best arcade machines

Meinerzhagen: Thanks again, i′mreally happy with your cabinet. Best regards.

arcade machines

Marcin: Its really nice pro job Adrian. You are working hard on your reputation and i am very glad to order all from you.

Arcade Machines Cabinet

Darrell UK – Hi Adrian. Yes all unwrapped and has a chance to play. It’s really great. I’m very happy with it.

80s classic arcade games

Your art work is 100%, customer is very happy, you saved the day machine delivered on time ,thanks again

80s games Tiny Player

Tiny Player

Simon UK-artwork design

Simon UK-artwork design

Electric Castle Festival

Electric Castle Festival 2017 – Targul de Cariere

Arsenal Park Orastie Military theme park

Arsenal Park Orastie Military theme park

Steve UK

Steve UK: Hi Adi, Hope all is well. The arcade machine is still running well! Love it! here’s a photo (attached). Hope business is going well. Cheers 

RO - 80s Arcada Games


RO - 80s Arcada Games

Andy UK: Hi Adrian, The arcade machine arrived about an hour ago, brilliantly wrapped and packaged. 
I’ve just finished unwrapping, and have powered it up, and am absolutely thrilled to bits with it all. You’ve done a fantastic job! If I could make one suggestion for the future, you could really do with putting a small sticker saying ‘Made by Fain Arcade’ or something on it, as you certainly deserve a lot of credit for your efforts. If any of my friends are interested in getting their own arcade machines, I’ll point them in your direction. Also, many thanks for the kind and generous gift for my sons birthday, he is going to be very pleased with that when he comes home from school later today. Once again, many thanks, and if you would like any testimonials for your website in the future, I would be more than happy to write one for you. Best and kindest regards, and thanks once again for all of your help, Andy

Robert UK - 80s Games

Robert UK

Mitchell Irleand-custome Artwork

Cormac Ireland: Hi yes received it, great work it looks fantastic, thanks again. Will have another order for you tomorrow

Phantasya indoor playing ground for kids

Phantasya indoor playing ground for kids

Metal Slug Germany - 80s Games

Metal Slug Germany

Dan UK - 80s Games

Dan UK

Gaming Pub in Romania

Gaming Pub in Romania

Private Party - 80s Arcada Games

Private Party

playing the Funkycade

Happy Kids: Playing the Funkycade

80s Arcade Games

Electric Castle Fetival 2018

80s classic arcade games

Classic Arcade Machine

Jingle Joy indoor playing ground for kids

Jingle Joy indoor playing ground for kids

Testimonial Arcade Machine – Do you remember when your parents and your older friends were talking about the well-known Arcade Cabinet they used to play in Arcade Rooms?

I am sure you know the newer versions Mortal Kombat, Pacman, Street Fighter and racing games…but do you know the original ones?

Do you know how your older cousins, parents and friends used to play when there were no smartphones and computers all over the place?

These Street Fighter Arcade Machines and Mortal Kombat Arcade Machines will introduce you to the fascinating world of pixels and simple colors that will absorb you and trap you there in the universe of Video Games Arcade!

Come and explore these interesting universes and many more games that marked the childhood of many and will mark you too!

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