Upright Arcade Machine Flat Pack Acryl Kit

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Upright Arcade Machine Flat Pack Acryl Kit

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Upright Arcade Machine Flat Pack Acryl Kit

9 in stock


Upright Arcade Machine flat acryl kit pack with monitor and marquee plexiglass kit

Upright Arcade Machine Flat Pack Acryl Kit is manufactured from 18mm black melamine MDF and professionally cut on a CNC machine for high precision making the panels fit perfectly without leaving any gaps. The kit is very easy to assemble and can be done by one person.

This kit features a 2 player control panel layout and is compatible with monitors up to 24″ and the included VESA mount is adjustable, so customers can choose to either mount a 4:3 (square) or 16:9 (widescreen) monitor.We recommend to use the AOC E2470 monitor for his slim desing, flat monitor frame surface and underneath buttons.

The back door is removable just like an authentic arcade machine making it very easy to wire the arcade or do any maintenance. Buy Upright Arcade Machine Flat Pack Acryl Kit!

The control panel can be flipped open for a better access simply releasing the two latches from inside, pre drilled for a 2 player layout and the button holes are 29mm in diameter, so most standard size 28mm arcade buttons are suitable for mounting, including classic arcade buttons, SuzoHapp arcade buttons or IL arcade buttons.

The joystick holes are 30mm in diameter , so all of the joysticks on the market will mount in this kit, including Zippyy, IL, SuzoHapp, Sanwa or Seimitsu.

This 2 player classic upright arcade flat pack kit is supplied with all fixings for self assembly and the panels are pre-slotted, so you can add your own t-molding to the kit in your choice of colour, to make your arcade kit unique.

This kit will give you the authentic look and fell, simply add your own monitor, joysticks/buttons and OS system to this kit and you will have your own arcade machine in no time exactly like you wished.

We also offer extra features like plexiglass set for monitor and marquee, artwork stikers, bezel, marquee and much more.

We do custom artwork design and custom cabinet design.

What would you get:

– 18mm black melamine MDF case
– 16mm raw mdf monitor frame and vesa mount braket
– all fixings required to mount the arcade (L shape brakets, screws, locks, hinges,legs, wheels)
– 1x monitor plexyglass 5mm
– 2x marquee plexyglass 3mm
– 2x marquee corner fixture (black)

Optional items:

– T-molding with side edge preventing the stikers to peal (black, red, chrome, yellow, white)
– Plexiglass for control panel
– Black monitor bezel
– Arcade artwork stikers set
– We build plug & play arcades and we also suplly other parts also.
Built Up Dimensions:
64cm (Width) x 60cm (Depth) x 169cm (Height)

Additional information

Weight60 kg
Dimensions60 × 60 × 170 cm


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