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Back to the Future OUTATIME

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Back to the Future Arcade Machines

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Back to the Future OUTATIME – Arcade Machines

Back to the Future OUTATIME –  No time for a holiday? Take a virtual one by a state of the art gaming experience! How about a joy delivery right in your living room at the touch of the ‘Order’ button. Back to the Future OUTATIME  brings in 5000+ games for you to play plus Youtube, Yukebox and online movies for your friends!

Upright Arcade Machine – It’s supplied with a full 12-month warranty , for your peace of mind.

Build from high quality parts, you will experience the best retro gaming experience EVER!!!

Chose any colours of buttons, joystick or T-molding you like for FREE!!!

If you are a fan of 80s games you will love this Back to the Future OUTATIME!


  • Multi-game arcade with Retropie system with 5000+ games
  • “High Score save option” on the arcade games
  • 24-inch AOC LED monitor and recessed behind toughened acrylic glass
  • High quality joysticks and buttons simple or illuminated
  • 2.1 Trust sound sistem of 100w with volume controll and line in conection
  • Underneath LED lighting white or multicolor with possibility of changing colours
  • Sturdy commercial-standard cabinet with spectacular graphics from the original iconic arcade games
  • Original music and sound effects recreated in full stereo
  • You are being supplied with a quality gaming cabinet. This cabinet has been built with the ability to play various arcade games in one unit. All games are included free of charge and are not considered part of the sale price.
  • Adjustable feet and rear back wheels for easy transport
  • Back door for easy access
  • The button panel has a piano hinge system for easy access and a 3mm acrylic glass on top
  • UK or EU power cable

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Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 170 cm


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